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BVN-Portrait1The main aim of this website is to create an accurate list of my publications so that anyone interested in my work can locate them. I also provide an up-to-date CV that is more accurate than those available elsewhere. The bio-bibliographical sections will remain constant, but under Databases I plan to add new material as my research advances. At a later point there will also be a section containing Letters to the Editor.

I have always tried to play a part in the design of my books, especially the dust-jackets, and I have been fortunate in working with receptive publishers. In 1974, when planning with Routledge and Kegan Paul the six volumes of Shakespeare, the Critical Heritage, I persuaded them to take a different image of Shakespeare for each volume, the changes in his appearance (all deriving from Droeshout, of course) matching the changes in his reception over those two hundred years. It gives me great pleasure that this series of dust-jackets is visible for the first time here. On their right are some of the six volumes so far published of its successor, Shakespeare, the Critical Tradition, dealing with individual plays. Long dormant, it is about to be re-launched by Bloomsbury, with the energetic support of Margaret Bartley, publisher of the Arden Shakespeare.

As for work in progress, I am Director of The Oxford Francis Bacon, in succession to J. B. Trapp and Graham Rees. Of the planned 16 volumes, eight have been published and eight are in preparation. I am general Editor of The Collected Works of John Ford, of which Volume 1 appeared in 2011. Volumes 2 and 3 were published in October 2017; 4 and 5 are in preparation. My current research includes a book on the text of King Lear, a collection of my essays on Francis Bacon, and a new edition of The Works of Thomas Kyd.

I live in London, conveniently near my four children – Bea, with her partner Alison and their children Sam and Joe; Gwen, with her husband Hugh and their children Phoebe and Joshua; Helen; Philip – and their mothers, to whom I owe so much: Dr Ilse Vickers and Dr Sabine Köllmann.

I am most grateful to Dr James Lancaster for the skill and patience with which he has built this website.

BWV 23 May 2016

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